The Official Launch of a New Website

Melissa, I want to hear more of you.  I miss what you have to say about ____ .

Incredibly flattering, that is the comment I receive more often than not from those introduced to me through radio.  Problem is the nature of radio today doesn’t allow personalities to talk about how they feel on most things that happen in their world.  Why? The radio industry doesn’t think you want to hear it.

I have received the aforementioned comment enough that I am launching this blog/vlog, not only to give my strong opinion on things around me, but also to express that criticism in a fun way too.  And for good measure I will throw in some inspiration every now and then.

This is an interactive blog, so please participate.  No question is off-limits.  Sometimes my responses will be given in a written blog, sometimes I will record a video.  I will also include in this blog/vlog old articles I have written for Ga Voice and Huffington Post, some videos from my YouTube page, and product reviews.

I look forward to discovering all the things we’ll get to talk about.  Now get to asking!



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