Do All DNA Test Kits Give the Same Results?

Ever wonder your ancestry? Of course! You may even have spent time on your own or through online avenues trying to trace your heritage based on documentation.  Over the past several years companies have even touted their ability to tell you where you came from based on saliva samples.  There are several of these tests available, but due to budget concerns many can only use one.  But which one should you buy and will they all give the same results? I decided to test this question myself.

I purchased the three most popular DNA test kits on the current market: MyHeritage, AncestryDNA, and 23andMe.

I began with MyHeritage, which proved to be require only a simple swab for about a minute on each cheek.

Next came the 23andMe test, which was a little more involved.  I had to spit in a tube enough to fill it to a stop point.  Needless to say, gross.

I saved AncestryDNA for last, hoping it would be another easy swab.  However, it too needed me to spit, spit, spit like the last.  Still gross.

The MyHeritage swabs were mailed in a padded envelope that required a stamp, but the other tubes were sent in boxes provided by the manufacturers.  They also included postage with their kits.

Each suggested a wait time of 4-6 weeks, and were mailed January 31st.

See the update after all 3 results were received, comparing what each says about my ancestry!

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