Do All DNA Kits Give Same Results? The Results Are In!!

Ever wonder your ancestry? Of course! You may even have spent time on your own or through online avenues trying to trace your heritage based on documentation.  Over the past several years companies have even touted their ability to tell you where you came from based on saliva samples.  There are several of these tests available, but due to budget concerns many can only use one.  But which one should you buy and will they all give the same results? I decided to test this question myself.  You can see how each test was conducted in this previous blog.

And now the results!!


Ancestry DNA:                                       23andMe:                                                      MyHeritage:

73% Great Britain                                  67% British & Irish                                        68% British & Irish

9% Europe West                                     14% French & German                                17% North and West Europe

7% Scandinavia                                       3% Scandinavia                                            3% Middle East

Trace Asia                                                Trace Asia and Native American                2% Ashkenazi Jew


As you can see I am pretty British, but it is interesting that MyHeritage has quite different results in the lower percentages than the other two.  Who knew I was a Jew, if only slightly.  Does that count?

Is finding your ancestry a perfect system? Probably not, but if you are only willing to invest in one test be secure in knowing that whatever your main ancestry is will be accurately uncovered by any of these sources.  Now I need to go purchase a kippah and grab some fish and chips for dinner.

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