Speak Your Spirit

Are you or someone you know afraid of Public Speaking?  You aren’t alone. Public Speaking is listed by Chapman University as the #1 fear of Americans, before clowns, death and loneliness.  But fear of Public Speaking isn’t just something you can easily avoid, since the inability to speak in front of a gathering can affect your success in school and your income later in life.

The goal of Speak Your Spirit is to help you understand why the fear is there and how to effectively diffuse it, before you worry about the how of  giving a speech like what to wear and how to use your hands.  It’s not something you have to sign up for, schedule a weekend to attend, or even leave your home to learn.  This quick Speak Your Spirit audio program can be heard wherever and whenever is convenient for you, and the Speak Your Spirit transcript is included so you can experience the lesson when listening is not an option.

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