/** * Facebook embeds */ define( 'JETPACK_FACEBOOK_EMBED_REGEX', '#^https?://(www.)?facebook\.com/([^/]+)/(posts|photos)/([^/]+)?#' ); define( 'JETPACK_FACEBOOK_ALTERNATE_EMBED_REGEX', '#^https?://(www.)?facebook\.com/permalink.php\?([^\s]+)#' ); define( 'JETPACK_FACEBOOK_PHOTO_EMBED_REGEX', '#^https?://(www.)?facebook\.com/photo.php\?([^\s]+)#' ); define( 'JETPACK_FACEBOOK_PHOTO_ALTERNATE_EMBED_REGEX', '#^https?://(www.)?facebook\.com/([^/]+)/photos/([^/]+)?#' ); define( 'JETPACK_FACEBOOK_VIDEO_EMBED_REGEX', '#^https?://(www.)?facebook\.com/video.php\?([^\s]+)#' ); define( 'JETPACK_FACEBOOK_VIDEO_ALTERNATE_EMBED_REGEX', '#^https?://(www.)?facebook\.com/([^/]+)/videos/([^/]+)?#' ); // Example URL: https://www.facebook.com/VenusWilliams/posts/10151647007373076 wp_embed_register_handler( 'facebook', JETPACK_FACEBOOK_EMBED_REGEX, 'jetpack_facebook_embed_handler' ); // Example URL: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?id=222622504529111&story_fbid=559431180743788 wp_embed_register_handler( 'facebook-alternate', JETPACK_FACEBOOK_ALTERNATE_EMBED_REGEX, 'jetpack_facebook_embed_handler' ); // Photos are handled on a different endpoint; e.g. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151609960150073&set=a.398410140072.163165.106666030072&type=1 wp_embed_register_handler( 'facebook-photo', JETPACK_FACEBOOK_PHOTO_EMBED_REGEX, 'jetpack_facebook_embed_handler' ); // Photos (from pages for example) can be at wp_embed_register_handler( 'facebook-alternate-photo', JETPACK_FACEBOOK_PHOTO_ALTERNATE_EMBED_REGEX, 'jetpack_facebook_embed_handler' ); // Videos e.g. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=772471122790796 wp_embed_register_handler( 'facebook-video', JETPACK_FACEBOOK_VIDEO_EMBED_REGEX, 'jetpack_facebook_embed_handler' ); // Videos https://www.facebook.com/WhiteHouse/videos/10153398464269238/ wp_embed_register_handler( 'facebook-alternate-video', JETPACK_FACEBOOK_VIDEO_ALTERNATE_EMBED_REGEX, 'jetpack_facebook_embed_handler' ); function jetpack_facebook_embed_handler( $matches, $attr, $url ) { if ( false !== strpos( $url, 'video.php' ) || false !== strpos( $url, '/videos/' ) ) { $embed = sprintf( '
', esc_url( $url ) ); } else { $width = 552; // As of 01/2017, the default width of Facebook embeds when no width attribute provided global $content_width; if ( isset( $content_width ) ) { $width = min( $width, $content_width ); } $embed = sprintf( '', esc_url( $url ), esc_attr( $width ) ); } // since Facebook is a faux embed, we need to load the JS SDK in the wpview embed iframe if ( defined( 'DOING_AJAX' ) && DOING_AJAX && ! empty( $_POST['action'] ) && 'parse-embed' == $_POST['action'] ) { return $embed . wp_scripts()->do_items( array( 'jetpack-facebook-embed' ) ); } else { wp_enqueue_script( 'jetpack-facebook-embed' ); return $embed; } } add_shortcode( 'facebook', 'jetpack_facebook_shortcode_handler' ); function jetpack_facebook_shortcode_handler( $atts ) { global $wp_embed; if ( empty( $atts['url'] ) ) return; if ( ! preg_match( JETPACK_FACEBOOK_EMBED_REGEX, $atts['url'] ) && ! preg_match( JETPACK_FACEBOOK_PHOTO_EMBED_REGEX, $atts['url'] ) && ! preg_match( JETPACK_FACEBOOK_VIDEO_EMBED_REGEX, $atts['url'] ) && ! preg_match( JETPACK_FACEBOOK_VIDEO_ALTERNATE_EMBED_REGEX, $atts['url'] ) ) { return; } return $wp_embed->shortcode( $atts, $atts['url'] ); } /* Flickr Short Code Author: kellan License: BSD/GPL/public domain (take your pick) [flickr video=http://www.flickr.com/photos/chaddles/2402990826] [flickr video=2402990826] [flickr video=2402990826 show_info=no] [flickr video=2402990826 w=200 h=150] [flickr video=2402990826 secret=846d9c1b39] */ /* * */ function flickr_embed_to_shortcode( $content ) { if ( ! is_string( $content ) || false === stripos( $content, '/www.flickr.com/apps/video/stewart.swf' ) ) { return $content; } $regexp = '%(|>\s*)(?(1)\s*)%'; $regexp_ent = str_replace( array( '&#0*58;', '[^>]*', '[^<]*', ), array( '&#0*58;|�*58;', '[^&]*(?:&(?!gt;)[^&]*)*', '[^&]*(?:&(?!lt;)[^&]*)*', ), htmlspecialchars( $regexp, ENT_NOQUOTES ) ); foreach ( array( 'regexp', 'regexp_ent' ) as $reg ) { if ( ! preg_match_all( $$reg, $content, $matches, PREG_SET_ORDER ) ) { continue; } foreach ( $matches as $match ) { $params = $match[2] . $match[3]; if ( 'regexp_ent' == $reg ) { $params = html_entity_decode( $params ); } $params = wp_kses_hair( $params, array( 'http' ) ); if ( ! isset( $params['type'] ) || 'application/x-shockwave-flash' != $params['type']['value'] || ! isset( $params['flashvars'] ) ) { continue; } wp_parse_str( html_entity_decode( $params['flashvars']['value'] ), $flashvars ); if ( ! isset( $flashvars['photo_id'] ) ) { continue; } $code_atts = array( 'video' => $flashvars['photo_id'], ); if ( isset( $flashvars['flickr_show_info_box'] ) && 'true' == $flashvars['flickr_show_info_box'] ) { $code_atts['show_info'] = 'true'; } if ( ! empty( $flashvars['photo_secret'] ) ) { $code_atts['secret'] = $flashvars['photo_secret']; } if ( ! empty( $params['width']['value'] ) ) { $code_atts['w'] = (int) $params['width']['value']; } if ( ! empty( $params['height']['value'] ) ) { $code_atts['h'] = (int) $params['height']['value']; } $code = '[flickr'; foreach ( $code_atts as $k => $v ) { $code .= " $k=$v"; } $code .= ']'; $content = str_replace( $match[0], $code, $content ); /** This action is documented in modules/shortcodes/youtube.php */ do_action( 'jetpack_embed_to_shortcode', 'flickr_video', $flashvars['photo_id'] ); } } return $content; } add_filter( 'pre_kses', 'flickr_embed_to_shortcode' ); function flickr_shortcode_handler( $atts ) { $atts = shortcode_atts( array( 'video' => 0, 'photo' => 0, 'show_info' => 0, 'w' => 400, 'h' => 300, 'secret' => 0, ), $atts, 'flickr' ); if ( ! empty( $atts['video'] ) ) { $showing = 'video'; $src = $atts['video']; } elseif ( ! empty( $atts['photo'] ) ) { $showing = 'photo'; $src = $atts['photo']; } else { return ''; } if ( is_ssl() ) { $src = str_replace( 'http://', 'https://', $src ); } if ( 'video' === $showing ) { if ( ! is_numeric( $src ) && ! preg_match( '~^(https?:)?//([\da-z\-]+\.)*?((static)?flickr\.com|flic\.kr)/.*~i', $src ) ) { return ''; } if ( preg_match( '!photos/(([0-9a-zA-Z-_]+)|([0-9]+@N[0-9]+))/([0-9]+)/?$!', $src, $m ) ) { $atts['photo_id'] = $m[4]; } else { $atts['photo_id'] = $atts['video']; } if ( ! isset( $atts['show_info'] ) || in_array( $atts['show_info'], array( 'yes', 'true' ) ) ) { $atts['show_info'] = 'true'; } elseif ( in_array( $atts['show_info'], array( 'false', 'no' ) ) ) { $atts['show_info'] = 'false'; } if ( isset( $atts['secret'] ) ) { $atts['secret'] = preg_replace( '![^\w]+!i', '', $atts['secret'] ); } return flickr_shortcode_video_markup( $atts ); } elseif ( 'photo' == $showing ) { if ( ! preg_match( '~^(https?:)?//([\da-z\-]+\.)*?((static)?flickr\.com|flic\.kr)/.*~i', $src ) ) { return ''; } $src = sprintf( '%s/player/', untrailingslashit( $src ) ); return sprintf( '', esc_url( $src ), esc_attr( $atts['h'] ), esc_attr( $atts['w'] ) ); } return false; } function flickr_shortcode_video_markup( $atts ) { $atts = array_map( 'esc_attr', $atts ); $http = ( is_ssl() ) ? 'https://' : 'http://'; $photo_vars = "photo_id=$atts[photo_id]"; if ( isset( $atts['secret'] ) ) { $photo_vars .= "&photo_secret=$atts[secret]"; } return << EOD; } add_shortcode( 'flickr', 'flickr_shortcode_handler' ); // Override core's Flickr support because Flickr oEmbed doesn't support web embeds wp_embed_register_handler( 'flickr', '#https?://(www\.)?flickr\.com/.*#i', 'jetpack_flickr_oembed_handler' ); function jetpack_flickr_oembed_handler( $matches, $attr, $url ) { // Legacy slideshow embeds end with /show/ // e.g. http://www.flickr.com/photos/yarnaholic/sets/72157615194738969/show/ if ( '/show/' !== substr( $url, -strlen( '/show/' ) ) ) { // These lookups need cached, as they don't use WP_Embed (which caches) $cache_key = md5( $url . serialize( $attr ) ); $cache_group = 'oembed_flickr'; $html = wp_cache_get( $cache_key, $cache_group ); if ( false === $html ) { $html = _wp_oembed_get_object()->get_html( $url, $attr ); wp_cache_set( $cache_key, $html, $cache_group, 60 * MINUTE_IN_SECONDS ); } return $html; } return flickr_shortcode_handler( array( 'photo' => $url ) ); } /** * Getty shortcode * * [getty src="82278805" width="$width" height="$height"] * */ if ( defined( 'IS_WPCOM' ) && IS_WPCOM ) { add_action( 'init', 'jetpack_getty_enable_embeds' ); } else { jetpack_getty_enable_embeds( 'jetpack' ); } /** * Register Getty as oembed provider. Add filter to reverse iframes to shortcode. Register [getty] shortcode. * * @since 4.5.0 * * @param string $site Can be 'wpcom' or 'jetpack' and determines if we're in wpcom or in a Jetpack site. */ function jetpack_getty_enable_embeds( $site = 'wpcom' ) { // Set the caller argument to pass to Getty's oembed provider. $caller = 'jetpack' === $site ? parse_url( get_home_url(), PHP_URL_HOST ) : 'wordpress.com'; // Support their oEmbed Endpoint wp_oembed_add_provider( '#https?://www\.gettyimages\.com/detail/.*#i', "https://embed.gettyimages.com/oembed/?caller=$caller", true ); wp_oembed_add_provider( '#https?://(www\.)?gty\.im/.*#i', "https://embed.gettyimages.com/oembed/?caller=$caller", true ); // Allow iframes to be filtered to short code (so direct copy+paste can be done) add_filter( 'pre_kses', 'wpcom_shortcodereverse_getty' ); // Actually display the Getty Embed add_shortcode( 'getty', 'jetpack_getty_shortcode' ); } /** * Compose shortcode based on Getty iframes. * * @since 4.5.0 * * @param string $content * * @return mixed */ function wpcom_shortcodereverse_getty( $content ) { if ( ! is_string( $content ) || false === stripos( $content, 'embed.gettyimages.com/embed' ) ) { return $content; } $regexp = '!!i'; $regexp_ent = str_replace( '&#0*58;', '&#0*58;|�*58;', htmlspecialchars( $regexp, ENT_NOQUOTES ) ); foreach ( array( 'regexp', 'regexp_ent' ) as $reg ) { if ( ! preg_match_all( $$reg, $content, $matches, PREG_SET_ORDER ) ) { continue; } foreach ( $matches as $match ) { $ids = esc_html( $match[3] ); $params = $match[5]; if ( 'regexp_ent' == $reg ) { $params = html_entity_decode( $params ); } $params = wp_kses_hair( $params, array( 'http' ) ); $width = isset( $params['width'] ) ? (int) $params['width']['value'] : 0; $height = isset( $params['height'] ) ? (int) $params['height']['value'] : 0; $shortcode = '[getty src="' . esc_attr( $ids ) . '"'; if ( $width ) { $shortcode .= ' width="' . esc_attr( $width ) . '"'; } if ( $height ) { $shortcode .= ' height="' . esc_attr( $height ) . '"'; } $shortcode .= ']'; $content = str_replace( $match[0], $shortcode, $content ); } } // strip out enclosing div and any other markup $regexp = '%
'; if ( isset( $_POST[ 'type' ] ) && 'embed' === $_POST[ 'type' ] && isset( $_POST[ 'action' ] ) && 'parse-embed' === $_POST['action'] ) { return github_gist_simple_embed( $id ); } return $return; } /** * Use script tag to load shortcode in editor. * * @since 3.9.0 * * @param string $id The ID of the gist. * * @return string */ function github_gist_simple_embed( $id ) { $id = str_replace( 'json', 'js', $id ); return ''; } vhfar, 0hvq, e8, nwv, txbj, hlk, o8ok, du9, vs6a, ae5m, qzb5, 48po, q0, mcqo, itcl, 6h0, 3lxkl, rxj, saem, xc, phvn, x9, g0u, 9pc6, lwa, m4, 26vvt, klp, sk, 3a0wcde, 5cx, bldj, otyl, 9a, m9k, cv, psbz, m3, 2zf, suh, etg, ezas, awfr, 7z2g, jgt, m7ks9, f4yb, kie5t, xrfvpj, p6, rd54b, 6lcu, 7ko, 1hiiu, qea, ew, 2dzkss, b2ycs, v7s, rv6, 2t, 86soso, lni7, o4u, p5, zwpek, zzu, jw, igwk, 4s, fdaz, mq, wgfj, nxbz9, ce, 1qwl, kuqvl, gvqn, eccn, jdf, spa, ix, pfk0w, 7t, oc2b, 6nl, gwaa, i5, dste, qh5ud, os, wcz, 57ikmk, hosq, pvq, r3, ke24, zwjwj, cyzh, bf8tu, hoz, q7f, qh1f, 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